Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pay Attention When Black Wolf Visits

When a black wolf appears to you in a vision, during a mediation, or in a dream, listen carefully to what he has to say. This wolf emerges from the shadows to teach a lesson or to issue a warning. Sometimes associated with a message of death or disaster, his arrival does not always have such ominous implications. Wolf is fiercely protective and motivated by love for his student. He will guide you through the chaos and help you to create or restore order and harmony in your life. If you listen without fear, he will reveal new paths for your journey. Through discipline, Wolf will show you how to create true freedom no matter what your situation might be.

Yes, that all sounds truly inspiring… until you open your eyes one morning and see a wolf actually entering your bedroom and halting next to your bed once he realizes he’s been spotted. When he doesn’t disappear and casually stares at you as if there’s nothing at all out of the ordinary going on, you blink hard a few times to assure yourself that you’re merely hallucinating. Yet he remains steadfast, cool eyes fixed upon yours.

Breaking the silence, he makes a slurping noise, like he’s just sucked the last little bit of his previous victim from between his teeth so when he smiles hungrily at you, there’s no evidence remaining to cause alarm. It’s Humphrey Bogart in a wolf disguise. Cool and nonchalant. You can almost hear what he’s thinking: “Yeah, honey… That’s right. I ain’t goin’ nowhere.” Of all the bedrooms in all of the towns in all the world, old Humphrey had to walk into mine. What did he want?

As our eyes locked, I forgot to be afraid. I was too busy trying to figure out why he was there to realize I should have been afraid. Perhaps if he had been real, I would have had the good sense to be frightened, but I wasn’t. That still seems strange to me because if he wasn’t real, he sure gave a good impression of it.

This black wolf had been around a while; he’d seen the world and visited many people. He had the wisdom of an ancient shaman and the gray flecks in his coat to match. He seemed tired, like he’d made this journey a few too many times and was ready to retire to some secluded forest somewhere. Maybe my bedroom was his last stop before he fulfilled some pact that had too long kept him from resting his weary body. He just wanted to get on with business; there was no hiding that.

Ready to face whatever lesson I had to learn, I rolled over and looked at the ceiling. I studied every line, every speck above me, trying to remember the significance of wolves as spirit guides, but drew a blank. I heaved a sigh of reluctance and turned to face the Black Wolf, only to find he had vanished. Perhaps I was still dreaming and just imagined the whole thing. None of it was real… or was it?

Moral of this story?

Always brush your teeth before going to bed. Never watch fairy tale movies late at night. Sometimes the only lesson is to pay attention in life, especially when Black Wolf visits.

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