Spirit Beads and Malas

In the Spirit Beads (TM) designs, a variation on the traditional mala, the total number of beads are separated into groups of nine: small (27), medium (54), and large (108). Another adaptation divides the 108-bead option into just four sections of 27 beads each using three separator beads. Both types come together with a larger terminator bead and are finished off with either a fiber tassel, a beaded tassel, or a combination of the two.

Like malas, Spirit Beads (TM) are made with natural materials such as sacred wood, seeds, bone or semi-precious gemstones, and can be draped around the neck or wrapped around the wrist. Unlike malas, they are knotted between each bead and have additional beads that separate the 108 beads into sections.


How you use your beads will vary depending on your own personal beliefs. Some religions teach specific methods of holding the beads during prayer or mantra. For example:
  • Some people recite a mantra while holding each bead and repeat the mantra until they’ve held each of the beads in the strand. 
  • Others simply hold the strand of beads to work with the energy of gemstones, using their dominant hand to send or project energy out to the universe and their other hand to receive energy from the universe. If you are right-handed, your dominant hand is your right hand. 
  • Still others drape their prayer beads around their neck if the strand is long enough and allow the universe to pick up or give back the appropriate energy. While sacred strands should never be worn simply as an adornment, wearing them does offer an excellent way to carry the energy of your meditation with you throughout the day.

To use a sacred strand of Spirit Stones (TM) or a traditional mala, hold it between your middle and index fingers, allowing the beads to rest on the middle finger, keeping your index finger extended and not touching the beads. The guru bead marks the beginning and ending point, and it should not be touched by the thumb. Starting at the bead next to the guru bead, use your thumb to pull the bead toward you after reciting a mantra, then move on to the next bead and repeat until this has been done 108 times. For wrist malas made with 27 beads, you turn the mala when you reach the guru and go the opposite direction, repeating three more sets of mantras.


Go to the Wandering Spirit Beads photo album on Facebook to view samples of Spirit Beads (TM) and Malas.

Learn how to make your own sacred strand of Spirit Beads (TM) or traditional malas. Understand the symbolism behind the components and how the metaphysical and healing properties of the stones can enhance a meditation or manifestation experience.

Sponsored class details, registration, locations and schedule coming soon. Contact me if you are interested in hosting a private class in the Durango, CO area. Class schedules will be posted on the home page.


Cost: $50 (includes the beads & supplies for the class)

Description: Learn how to create a strand of Spirit Stones (TM) or a traditional mala. No prior beading experience required. Optional guided mediation will follow completion of the project.

Tools & Supplies: All required tools will be provided. Beading supplies are provided in class. Different color options will be available to choose from. Details available at sign up.

Class Size: A minimum of 4 students is required to run, with a maximum of 8 students.

Promoting peace & harmony through meditation.

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