Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Art of Meditation

As we wander through this world, our busy lives can take us down some fairly chaotic roads filled with stress. Thankfully, most of us find a few side streets where we find joy and peace, and we are privileged to spend more time on those side streets than on the hectic thoroughfares. Whenever we find ourselves on a path of uncertainty, however, we reflect on what brought us there and we wonder what we could have done differently or what we can do going forward to change our situations.

How do we change our path, find a more pleasant path, or know whether we’re on the right path?

Answers can often be found through meditation. In the otherworldly realm of existence called the astral plane, one can seek guidance from an animal totem, a spirit guide, or a deity. Part of my business involves showing people how using tools such as meditation beads can help one achieve a state of focused relaxation, bringing clarity to find those answers.

Used in regular meditation, a simple string of beads becomes a strong and effective tool for self-affirmation and for the manifestation of goals, especially when combined with a firm belief in the power of prayer, chants, and mantras. Most of the world’s religions advocate prayer of some sort and have a long history of praying with beads, a spiritual practice that forges a strong connection with the divine and with universal energy.

Wearing or holding a strand of beads provides focus during meditation. Combined with the user’s intention, the healing and metaphysical properties of the semi-precious gemstones aid meditation practices and help facilitate the manifestation of particular goals by using those energies. In addition, it reduces stress and produces clarity of vision during the meditation.

Meditation allows us to slow our minds and slip into a state of deep relaxation, refreshing our bodies, minds, and spirits. Taking time to meditate on a regular basis can help bring some balance into our hectic lifestyles. It provides the means for sifting through the noise of the busy world around us in order to profoundly contemplate and reflect on the things that are important to us. A proper diet, regular exercise, and a good night sleep helps keep your body fit. Adding regular meditation to your fitness routine not only enhances your body care, but provides the means to help keep your mind and spirit fit as well. 

In The Traveler’s Saga, the main character welcomes each morning by meditating outdoors under her favorite tree. In fact, her entire future was changed after she participated in a guided meditation. Several of the characters also use what I call Journey Stones in the books, an open-ended strand of semi-precious gemstones. Each component of these strands of meditation beads hold a specific meaning for the characters.

In real life, I have created just such a tool for meditation and call them Celtic Journey Stones because their design is influenced by numbers and symbols significant to the Ancient Celts. I’m excited to announce that I’m currently working on some new products which show an even stronger Celtic influence. Stay tuned for more about that.

Another part of my business involves instructional workshops to show people how to create their own meditation beads. Making your own strand of beads promotes a higher degree of attention to the purpose of the meditation tool while creating it, which puts your own energy into the finished product. This makes the strand of beads truly unique and much more potent than one purchased ready-made. However, I do also offer a variety of ready-made meditation beads and have posted my portfolio on Facebook: Take a look and see if you find something you like. I can teach you how to make your own, or I can make one for you.

Whether your wanderings take you to the astral plane, deep within, or just across town, may your journeys always be safe and memorable.


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