Monday, August 8, 2011

Stone Circles In A New World

Surrounded by ocean to the north and to the west, near the edge of a cliff stands a stone circle – a sacred site, a sanctuary, a place where one can gaze up at the stars at night and ponder the mysteries of the universe. The cool night breeze carries a subtle mist through the standing stones that are planted firmly in each of the cardinal directions, adding a welcome moisture to the dry mountain air. The sky above offers a crystal clear view of the constellations and a glimpse into the divine energy that is the cosmos. Tall trees on the hillside wrap their protective arms around the southern perimeter of the circle, while an archway to the east beckons with an invitation to traverse the stone trail down to the rocky beach below. The seagulls have followed me here from the old west coast. This new world is silent and beautiful, and full of wonder and possibilities.

Visions of this stone circle have been haunting me for years. It’s a sanctuary that I believe I’m being called to build. I can see this place so clearly that I have to wonder whether it already exists somewhere other than in my own mind. Maybe I’ve been given a dream of it so that I might search for it. It could conceivably exist on some distant world, one I've visited on the astral plane. Or perhaps it will exist in our own new world that is yet to come. Possibly, I am just meant to build it here in the present. However, while pondering this vision, I’ve come to realize that it simply does not and could not exist in the Pacific Northwest. The stones of this circle are red, like the stones of the Southwest or parts of Colorado.

There may not be any oceans in Colorado – yet – but I am convinced that it is where I am meant to build this sanctuary. Since finding work with a steady income has been next to impossible for me on the Kitsap Peninsula, I’ve decided to pack my bags and move to Durango, Colorado. I have friends there and a few job leads, so I figured my luck couldn’t possibly be any worse there than it has been here. In fact, I think this move will be a catalyst for me.

Naturally, I get two very different responses from people whenever I mention this dream. They either stare at me with a blank look, thinking I surely must have lost my mind; or they get excited for me. It sometimes feels like it’s a crazy idea and it often reminds me of the movie, Field of Dreams. However, I have to wonder, “If I build it, who will come?” Is this a sanctuary intended for only myself or is it meant to be shared with others? What is its purpose? I have a few theories about that, but I’ll save them for another blog. In the meantime, I’ll focus on the fact that I must work toward fulfilling this dream and bringing the vision of this stone circle to fruition.

During the next few weeks, I’ll be sorting through my belongings, deciding what to pack up and take with me, what to sell or give away, and what to put into storage. I’ll share my journey with my readers periodically and soon I’ll be in Colorado. One day, I’ll report that the stone circle has been completed. It already has a name, so in some ways, the stone circle is already a reality. By naming it, I’ve given it power – or perhaps I’ve just given myself the power to chase this dream.

What have you given power to in your life? What empowers you to follow your dreams?

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