Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cosmic Dreams

Have you ever experienced a dream that was so powerful, it has haunted you for years? What if in that dream, you were given potentially significant information, yet the details of it remain elusive? Several years ago, I had just such a dream.

In this dream, I was “driving,” but as dreams go, I wasn’t actually in a car. I was told by some unseen woman to find a particular bridge that was still under construction. I would recognize it by the three arches on each side of the road, where the middle arches were the tallest.

Somehow I was guided to the right location. As I approached, I stopped at a fork in the road just before the bridges. Expecting to see just one structure, I was astonished to find two identical bridges side by side. The massive steel arches rose high above the road; however, they didn’t provide any support.

Both bridges were clearly unfinished – like the railroad trestle over the Clayton/Eastwood Ravine in the movie, Back to the Future, Part 3 – yet I was instructed to select one of the bridges and cross it anyway. It was important to continue going wherever the road would take me, so in a leap of faith, an invisible surface miraculously supported me as I crossed.

Before I reached the other side, I was instantly transported out into space where I could look down at the earth. I wasn’t in a vessel of any kind. In fact, I’m not sure that I even had a body. I was just there, witnessing the incredible view. The stars were amazing and there before me was the big blue marble. I couldn’t believe it; being in space was something new for my dreams.

Out of nowhere, the same woman’s voice said to me, “There are man’s equations,” which I somehow understood to be in reference to the bridges. As she spoke, a mathematical equation was being written across the star-studded background like white chalk on a blackboard.

As it faded, I heard the voice again. The woman compared the bridge to the earth by saying, “Then, there are God’s equations.” Once again, a math formula appeared across the sky. This time, however, it as if it was written in a foreign language. It was unfamiliar, dare I say, alien?

As I watched the second equation disappear, the earth’s rotation suddenly began to wobble. It was like someone had spun a coin on its edge and touched the top of it just enough to break the spin and make it wobble out of control and fall down flat. A large invisible finger was touching the top of the earth. Was it meant to be a warning? If so, what did it mean?

And what was the significance of the equations?

I’ve tried to remember what the equations looked like, but they remain just out of my conscious reach. I spent many hours searching the internet for samples of important mathematical equations over the years, hoping to recognize one of them as an equation from my dream.

Maybe it was unrecognizable because it’s for a theory that has yet to be discovered. Hopefully, someone more mathematically inclined had that same dream and has been able to decipher its meaning. Imagine the inventions or scientific breakthroughs that could be unlocked.

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