Sunday, November 13, 2016

Don't Judge My Safety Pin

My words are my gift. What I have to offer is my voice and I will not be silenced. It may not seem like enough to some people, but it's how I can make a difference. I show up in other ways when I am able, but I always speak up and I will always speak out to right a wrong. I may not be able to change the world, but I might change one life, one person, one feeling, one moment.

I am but a small part of something greater. We can all care and we all have the power to take a stand to end hatred and fear. Trump didn't invent bigotry or misogyny. It's been there all the time. He just gave it permission to rear its ugly head. He fanned the flames.

I didn't wake up yesterday. I'm not surprised by the actions of some Americans. I've been aware my whole life that there is darkness in this world. But there is also light. I'm not a "sore loser" who's crying because Hillary Clinton lost. The issues are much deeper and go far beyond this presidential election.

And to those who would make assumptions about me, I say don't judge me if you see me wearing a safety pin. I am not a lazy, privileged white person who doesn't get it. You don't know the road that has led me here and you may never be aware of exactly how I'm walking the talk, what I'm doing to help bring about change. 

My fear didn't start the day after the election, nor did my action. True, Trump does not represent my values and I did not vote for him. But I've spoken out against the likes of him for as long as I can remember.

To those who would wear a safety pin without action, don't. Just don't. Actions speak louder than any empty show of allyship. 

I ask everyone not to judge. Do everything you can to make a positive difference. Now is a time for peaceful action. Violence is never the answer. 

Be the domino that steps out of the line, preventing the others from falling. 

Stand up. Show up. Be heard.



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