Saturday, November 19, 2016

What Is Our Legacy?

In the wake of the elections and heated emotions on both sides, I've asked myself so many times how we could be so polarized as a nation. I'm sure people on both sides of the fence believe they're right and the others are wrong. Putting all of the political differences aside, there's probably some very important questions we should all be asking ourselves, no matter which side we take:

What have I done to make a difference in someone else's life, in my community, in the world?

What legacy am I leaving to my children, my children's children, and the children of the world?

What lessons am I teaching my children or others through my actions about love, compassion, giving, stewardship, equality, and justice?

Have I done better than my parents' generation and their parents before them?

When making decisions for my own life, can I ignore the impact of those decisions on the rest of humanity and on Mother Earth?

After all, it's only one car, one fireplace, 1-2 plastic milk containers a week, a few plastic drink bottles per day, 6-10 disposable diapers a day, one plastic trash bag per week that includes items which could have been recycled, and 1 or 2 other questionable items a day that get discarded into the world's landfills and oceans.

"I'm just one person out of billions, right? What harm could that do?"

After all, it was just that one person in the grocery store who you were rude to. It was just the one person from a different culture you criticized. It was just that one person you made a snide remark about. It was just that one person you ignored or demeaned or disrespected. It was just that one person who you said didn't deserve to breathe the same air or you wished would move back to "his own country." That was all just one day in your life.

I am just one person out of billions on this planet. So are you. So is your neighbor and all the other billions of people on this planet. Multiply your answers by 7 billion and you'll know how you are impacting our world. Multiply that one day by 365.

How many billions of people would you like to have in this world who are compassionate and accepting of their fellow humans every day of the year - including being tolerant of you? How many of those billions should be taking an active part in keeping our world habitable and safe for ALL life - all humans, all animals, all plants? Don't be fooled into believing that the actions of one person don't matter.

"But I am only one person," you say. "What difference could I possibly make?"

Revise that question and make the statement, "I am one of many people who are making a difference."

That changes your whole perspective, doesn't it?


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