Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Lady Liberty Weeps

Today, millions of people mourn the death of a great nation. Sadness and anger flood social media as Americans wake up to find their nightmare has just begun. Donald Trump has won the presidential election and, in the process, has provoked citizens to turn against each other. His campaign has given validation to every hate group in the country. He has personally sanctioned the ugliest side of human nature to raise its fists against anyone deemed inferior. Lady Liberty weeps for her people as the Confederate flag flies with misguided patriotism and pride over the south.

By voting for Trump, his supporters have issued their own endorsement of hate crimes against women and minorities.

Bigots and misogynists across the land have been given permission to be as vile as they like. But when civil war breaks out, where do we draw the lines? There is no North and South; we are all intermingled. There will be riots and violence everywhere. It will be the Black Panther movement, the Holocaust, women’s suffrage, and brother against brother all over again.

Count me among the disillusioned. Words can’t possibly do justice to my despair in the wake of this disaster. This is the first election that literally drove me to tears. Overwhelmed with disappointment, I am at a complete loss to explain how so many people can rationalize voting for this disgrace of a person, someone not fit to eat at my table with me. It’s as though someone has died and a bereavement period is needed.

We have clearly not learned from history. 


The Brink of Disaster
A Fearful Nation

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