Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Will History Repeat Itself?

Since the electoral college ignored the will of the people and handed Trump the oval office, those who opposed his candidacy are being told to be tolerant, to move forward, to “get over it.” Americans, we cannot afford to look the other way and adopt a “wait and see” strategy. Now is not the time for indifference or complacency; we have far too much at stake to be quiet. It is a time to rise up in peaceful protest and make our voices heard.

Donald J. Trump is a sexual predator who lost the popular vote and fueled his campaign with bigotry and hatred. Now he’s filling the White House with people who are also racist, xenophobic, sexist, and homophobic – politicians and lobbyists who will NOT fight for civil rights, workers’ rights, human rights, or women’s rights. These self-serving people will do the bidding of the greedy mega-corporations who whisper in their ears, NOT the American people. I harbor no illusions about that.

If you thought there was a conflict of interest for George W. Bush and Dick Cheney with their foreign policies and their profits from the oil and gas industries, imagine the conflicts of interest Trump will introduce. Our nation will no longer be of the people, by the people, or for the people. It will be a Trump conglomerate.

Never in a million lifetimes could I understand how anyone could possibly vote for this morally bankrupt psychopath. I don’t blame Trump for winning as much as I blame the people who voted for him and the defunct electoral college. Admittedly, not all Trump supporters are racist, but by voting for him, they all decided racism wasn’t a deal-breaker. Nor was any of his other offensive campaign rhetoric. Their votes were their own personal endorsement of such vile ideology and behavior. If this statement is offensive to those people, so be it. The truth is seldom pretty.

Plans to single out an entire group of people based solely on the actions of a few, to make them scapegoats for all of our country’s problems, sounds a lot like another psychopath who soared to power after promising to cleanse their land of foreigners. This lunatic wants to build a wall. Deport people. Stop certain immigrants. Cut Medicare and Medicaid. Punish women. Increase the working class taxes. And much, much more.

America, this is what cultural registration looks like:

This is what ethnic cleansing looks like:

Make no mistakes – Trump may call it anything he likes, but the results will be the same if America doesn’t wake up and put a stop to this man’s potential tyranny.

Donald J. Trump is not and never will be my president. He does NOT speak for me or represent my values as a decent human being. He represents all the corruption of the elite 1%, and his misguided actions will most certainly drag us into WWIII. I fear this dangerous man. We should all fear him.



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